• We can provide
    -Consultancy on propeller selection or decision making. (strongly recommended),
    – Complete propeller design for manufacturing purposes,
    – Propulsion kit including propeller, shaft, strut systems with the cooperation of related companies,
    – Consultancy on ship-model towing tank tests,
    – Supervising of ship-model towing tank tests at Ata Nutku Ship Model Testing Laboratory or somewhere else,
    – Trim Optimization Stand-alone Software,
    – Propeller Pitch Optimization work for the ships being capable of using combinatorial mode,
    – Simple Loading Master Program based on MS Excel,
    – Escort Notation Calculations of Tugs for Class Societies.
    – Ship Launching Calculations
    – Complete Project Management including performance, propulsion, maneuvering, seakeeping etc.
    – Sea fastening calculations for secure voyage.
    – Project monitoring from the stage of model testing.
    – Project monitoring during construction.
    – Dynamic positioning calculations at initial design stage (power requirement)


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